PVS International offers complete document authentication by the U.S. Department of State in Washington D.C., as well as document legalization by various Embassies.

Please follow these steps carefully in order to get your documents authenticated and then legalized:

1.   First, the document should be notarized by a notary public.
2.   Next, the document should be taken to your local Courthouse to certify that the notary public is licensed.
3.   Then, the document should be submitted to the secretary of your state to obtain a certification of the county clerk's signature.
4.   Lastly, you need to send your documents to PVS International to obtain the State Department seal and then the foreign country's approval on the documents.

      State Department seal:   
      PVS International fee:     for the first document, and    for each additional document.
      Embassy certification:   Please Call PVS International for the correct fee.

In order to use PVS International's document authentication and legalization services, please send us the notarized documents and a cover letter indicating the services you need. If a document needs to be legalized by more than one country, send us a separate original of the document for each country.

For more information, please call PVS International at 1-800-556-9990.